Our Founders

Dynamic Women Anna Cameron and Maguire Amundsen have mastered the art of unforgettable dinner parties. With a shared vision of curating genuine connections over a beautifully crafted bottle of wine, they embarked on their journey to create Social Bird, a Côtes de Provence rosé.


Anna, bringing her entrepreneurial background in fashion and interior design, and Maguire, a seasoned consultant with insights from working alongside an innovative celebrity CEO, combine their distinct strengths and shared passion for excellence. Their ambition is clear: to embrace every adventure while remaining grounded, ensuring that every bottle of Social Bird represents the pure joy of gathering together.

The Art of Hosting

At Social Bird, we embrace the timeless elegance of the French art of hosting, reimagined for today's world. With its captivating flavors, inviting ambiance and ability to bring people together, our rosé serves as the perfect companion for life's special moments.

With Social Bird, each bottle is more than a taste –– it's a commitment to creating moments infused with the essence of French elegance. Elevate every table with Social Bird's joyful touch and toast to the beauty of togetherness and the art of hosting life's celebrations.