Social Bird Rosé

A flourish of elegance with a nonchalant attitude, Social Bird Rosé is the perfect companion to unforgettable moments. Harvested in breathtaking Côtes de Provence, under organic practices, we bring you the taste of crisp valley winds, citrus oil, and peach blossoms. This dream turned reality is a captivating spritz to be enjoyed by friends old and new alike.

Raise a glass and let it weave its magic

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The Palate

Made in Côtes de Provence, in the village of Vidauban, Social Bird Rosé embodies the essence of celebration, unity and the art of hosting in every glass. This years blend opens with a nose filled with delicate scents of strawberry, juicy peach, and rose petals.


On the palate, it delivers a punch of flavor with ripe grapefruit, lemon, and melon notes that lead to a crisp, refreshing finish.


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The Process

Every grape underwent immediate pressing, ensuring minimal skin contact which in turn resulted in the elegant pale copper-salmon hue and a velvety, luxurious texture. The must was meticulously cold-fermented, safeguarding the vibrant floral aromas and retaining their inherent freshness.

This wine was then carefully aged in stainless steel, enhancing the exuberant fruit flavors to create a wine with remarkable intensity and a lingering, invigoratingly crisp finish

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